Business Bookkeeping, LLC

Bookkeeping for Small and Medium Businesses

Business bookkeeping can be a difficult task for any business owner—even those who claim to know their company like the back of their hand. There are daily tasks that need to be completed accurately to make sure that the company’s finances are properly organized and that operations are running on all cylinders. With so many other things to do, are you sure you have the time and resources to adequately manage your business bookkeeping? Get the professional assistance that you need by contacting the freelance bookkeepers at Business Bookkeeping, LLC.
We offer full-charge bookkeeping, accounting, and other financial services in Salt Lake City, Utah, and elsewhere along the Wasatch Front. Our primary focus is on providing bookkeeping for small and medium businesses in Northern Utah. We take care of all of your bookkeeping needs, leaving you free to concentrate on running your company and generating revenue to increase your profitability.
Our goal is to handle all aspects of bookkeeping professionally, accurately, and confidentially. Our freelance bookkeepers can tailor our services to meet your needs. You may find you simply want our help on as-needed or month-to-month basis, or even a long-term commitment. Whatever you choose, we will customize our bookkeeping services to fit your needs.
Bookkeeping for small businesses is what we do best. With more than 12 years of accounting and bookkeeping experience, we have expertise in QuickBooks, Access, Word, Excel, and all other Microsoft Office Products.

Salt Lake City Freelance Bookkeepers

Our bookkeepers have completed extensive training in order to manage these tasks for organizations in many industries. Your freelance bookkeeper will become an extension of your company, and will be someone you can depend on to complete every assignment to the best of their abilities. If you are a new company just getting started, they will assist you with setting up your books and anticipating typical challenges that face businesses in your situation. If your company is growing rapidly and becoming increasingly profitable, their job will be to help you manage this income and ensure that it is used properly. Anyone can utilize bookkeeping for small and medium businesses, as we provide many other services.
Some of the business bookkeeping services we offer in Salt Lake City include:
• Reporting
• Payroll
• Performance Analysis
• Accounts Payable/Receivable
• Reconciliations
Contact us today to learn more about the bookkeeping services that we can perform for your small or medium business. Our freelance bookkeepers would love to design a service package to meet your company’s specific needs.